The High Line

This Temporary Gallery Space below the High Line in New York, was designed in collaboration with Andrew Yorke & Marco Corazza.

Our proposal for a temporary exhibition pavilion, within the space left below the High Line, stems from a firm belief that the space created is inextricably connected to the High Line; a space that is part of & feeds off the essence that created it in the first place.

It is therefore our intention to create a ‘parasitic’ structure that feeds off the activity, light and context of which it is a part.  Through the use of low-tech, innovative & sustainable design this forgotten urban space may be brought to life with the same elements that make the High Line such a success.

What we propose is to create a series of periscopic fingers that reach up in the leftover space between the edge of the High Line & adjacent buildings to ‘steal’ light, views, images & windows of activity down to the exhibition space below.

Conversely activity, exhibition & delight from below will be showcased above thus advertising the space that may otherwise be easily missed by those walking above.

In this way the structure becomes the exhibition itself, an exhibition of moments in time as people interact from above & below.  These periscopic fingers show snippets of sky, context, landscape, sun, people, art, views & life; all the elements that cement a strong sense of place.  This forgotten or leftover space is no longer secondary to the fame & success of what happens above but is rather an integral extension of it.