Soho Shopfront

The design response for a new shopfront in Soho, central London was to react and relate to the existing urban fabric of this historic area.

STAC removed the existing modern timber shopfront and electronic awnings and replaced these for more traditional, industrial steel framed shopfront and traditional pull out fabric awnings. The steel and glass shopfront incorporates varying panes of coloured hand cast glass in varying textures.

This approach was inspired & brought about by the fusion of industrial 1920’s buildings and local pub culture.

This was then complimented by introducing traditional, reclaimed white glazed bricks to from a plinth and reclaimed, local face bricks above.

The facia responds to the the glitz of the adjacent theatre district and nightclub scene. It is made up of over 300,000 shimmer discs which come together to remind you of the multicultural context in which Soho exists and thrives.