The proposed site is located in an awkward ‘forgotten’ triangular parcel of land at the end of an existing garden in Richmond, UK.

The design approach aims to utilise every last inch of the unused land and makes the most of retaining existing trees & sensitively siting the developement with regards to existing landscape.

In a bid to reduce wet trades on site and speed up the construction process we opted for a structural system of building components that would be prefabricated in controlled workshop environment and then assembled on site to a higher quality than can be achieved in a reduced timeframe on a tight site.

The end result is a small garden studio that makes the most of morning light whilst opening up to the existing garden beyond.


Structural System : Oak Frame

Infill : Structurally insulated panels with Birch ply finished internal face

Outer Skin : Cedar shingles that will silver and age to blend in with the surrounding landscape.