Oxford Yellow

This restaurant in Oxford was divided into 3 equal parts:

The first part was the entrance and front dining area.  This was treated sensitively and represents the original  untouched part of the space.  Many original feature were kept, the original face brick walls exposed and historic detailing respected and retained.

On the other end of the restaurant we used a single material to clad all walls, ceiling & floors.  A warm yet sophisticated grey oiled oak board was used throughout the space.  This created a more gallery like condition for displaying colourful works of art and provided a calm space to linger.

In the central, busy heart of the restaurant we decided to play with texture, shapes, high gloss as well as ultra matt finishes as long as they all abided to a single rule – they needed to be yellow!  Everything from powder coated metal mesh, distressed leather, stained table tops, upholstery & glazed volcanic rock all needed to be yellow.  The resulting space was surprisingly fun yet sophisticated.