STAC – Snaith  Thrush Architect Collaborative is a London based practice that specialises in private residential design and cutting edge bar and restaurant design. We also cover retail and office design if we feel our skills can be put to great use.

The two founding partners, David Snaith and Paul Thrush have known each other and worked together for more than a decade and bring their individual skill sets together to create a fresh, design led practice that is constantly looking to innovate and find creative design solutions for every project.


Paul Thrush
Paul Thrush
BAS. M.Arch. SACAP Director

Paul was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He grew up and studied throughout South Africa where he gained a profound respect for natural systems and the wider environment of which we all share and owe our existence.

Paul has always believed and practiced the art of design with a personal hands on approach. He believes that in order to attain a complete understanding of building, products and materials, one must physically be involved in realizing them. This has resulted in several projects that are not only his design but a physical manifestation of his own hands. This approach results in every project receiving the utmost personal attention and involvement.

2007 — 2008Paul Thrush worked alongside Francesco Draisci where they designed the DECODE exhibition for the VA Museum, a house in Barbados several other unique projects. They won Bathroom Design of the Year award in 2009
2009 – 2013Paul Thrush worked as a project architect for Buckley Gray Yeoman where he focused on hospitality retail design. During this time he designed a Boutique hotel in Paris and delivered several highly published restaurants.
2013 – presentPaul is currently focused on STAC to bring art and architecture together. His aim is to awaken the senses, invite debate, and most of all allow the users of his designs to enjoy the texture, colour and life that considered design can bring to a space
David Snaith
David Snaith
BA Hons Dip. Arch. Dip. Prac. RIBA - Director

David started in his architectural career working for small local practices, he studied part-time firstly as an architectural technician and then an architect and has over 25 years of experience in all aspect of the architectural field.

David currently lives in London and has had a keen interest in not only design but in the historic fabric of buildings and the building process and has managed several of his own residential projects taking on much of the work himself which has given first-hand experience of not only different construction techniques but of the difficulties of working with historic buildings on tight sites.

1996 — 2006David Snaith worked for the large commercial practice TP Bennett, specialising firstly in large student accommodation projects; building over 2500 bed spaces in central London, then working closely with the Metropolitan Police rolling out Safer Neighbourhood, Patrol Base units and various building upgrades around the whole of London and working closely with the Scout Association over a number of years at their Epping Forest headquarters, building out a number of lodges and recreational buildings
2006David helped found Orbit Architects where he specialised in retail, restaurant and residential work, ranging from working with Next retail to working alongside a well-known London restaurateur on various projects
2013David started his own practice STAC Architecture with long term colleague and award winning architect Paul Thrush. David now concentrates on commercial projects for the likes of the British Transport Police and on high end residential projects ranging from multiple flats and one off house designs to tricky and thoughtful residential conversions. A particular highlight is the current work in the field of Conservation and Listed Building work bringing his knowledge and design to various projects around the country
Inga Maro
Inga Maro
Interior Architect

As a graduate of both disciplines (Architecture & Interior Design), Inga has a thorough understanding of how the two work together & interact

Inga found herself gravitating more towards designing interior spaces where she could get involved in every aspect of the space from designing furniture, products and surfaces, all of which work together to reinforce the intended concept, emotion or comfort of the space.

Inga grew up in the Baltics and was hugely influenced by Scandinavian ideologies towards lifestyle, design, etc. This does not necessary mean that her designs are ‘safe’ however she does prefer a more minimal look with a touch of eclectic flair.

In reaction to our current consumerist environment, Inga’s attention, when designing, is on functionality, quality & bare necessities, not forgetting aesthetics of course.

Inga is a strong conceptual thinker, incredibly passionate about what she does and hands-on designer.

Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans
Architectural Assistant

Matthew received his Professional Masters in Architecture from NMMU, South Africa. In 2012.  Shortly after completing his degree,  Matthew moved to London to fulfil his dream of working in a global architectural environment. Here he found a melting pot of ideas, influences, and a city where nothing is ever static.

His first experience came from working as a part II assistant for a small architectural practice specialising in the residential sector. There he was responsible for scheme design, statutory applications & assisting as a surveyor in matters such as party wall agreements, boundary disputes & schedules of condition.

Matthew joined STAC in February 2014 & has experience of working at all project stages from concept design through to completion.

He has a passion for industrial design and enjoys creating objects that are true to their tectonic nature. He also thrives on site where he can ensure the design is realised in line with the original design intent.

Gerhard Theron
Gerhard Theron
3D Visualiser

Gerhard was born in Cape Town, South Africa and from an early age took an interest in graphics and visual effects. After school he did a two year graphic and web design course and started working as a 3D Designer in 2004. After two years at the company, he decided to leave to further his studies in 3D as a character animator.

In 2008, he decided to go over to the UK where he was employed by a leading 3D Architectural Visualization studio in London. During his time there he developed an interest in architecture and realised that it was the line of 3D work he wanted to specialise in.

It was during his time in London that he started doing freelance work for Paul and they have worked together ever since.

When STAC was founded in 2013 he was there to bring the companies design and vision to life. His role is key within a business that prides themselves on delivering an end result / built design that is extremely close to the original presentation visual. This way a client is able to see exactly what they are going to get long before a spade is put in the ground.

Tammy Hart
Tammy Hart
Architectural Assistant

Tammy was drawn to architecture for the variety of pursuits it encompasses. She began her journey into architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was during this time that she worked for Neill Powell Neill Architects and The RAD Group, where she gained an appreciation for the way considered technical detailing can lead to purity and clarity of the original design intent.

Tammy achieved her Masters in Architecture in 2015 after which she relocated to London in order to develop her passion and follow a career in heritage architecture, urban design and sustainability. Tammy also enjoys the juxtaposition of old and new that can be found throughout London & within the design ethos at STAC.

Tammy employs a more hands on approach exploring ideas through model building, hand drawing as well as developing more organic ideas through the use of technological advances in 3-dimensional visualisation. Tammy enjoys being challenged and thrives on complexity in design and problem solving.

Andy Donald
Andy Donald
B. Comm. Adv. Dip. ID Senior Designer

Raised and educated in Canada, Andy has a deep appreciation for the natural environment born from years spent exploring the forests and lakes of his country. He strives to apply a sustainable ethos in his designs and is passionate about reclamation and re-use of material.

Andy’s design experience is supported by hands-on joinery and construction skills, including the building of an artist’s studio and a historic loft renovation. He also spent several years in his own studio crafting furniture and lighting from his stock of reclaimed timber and found objects.

As a senior designer at Tomas Pearce IDC in Toronto, Andy led major design projects including multi-unit residential towers, luxury senior living communities, and bespoke homes.

Prior to his move to London, Andy was based in the unique and chaotic city of Dhaka, Bangladesh where he was the senior design coordinator for an extensive renovation and modernization of the American International School.

He is inspired by the possibility of all materials and how they contribute to the tactile nature and experience within an interior space. Andy thrives on site; being in a space while the design comes alive.

Paola Correnti
Paola Correnti
Architectural Assistant

Paola earned her Architecture degree at the The National University of Rosario, Argentina.  During her studies, she developed a profound appreciation for architecture as a method in which she could realise a material or physical expression of an abstract idea. Her interest in architectural design was enhanced by her involvement in numerous design competitions and through her position as assistant lecturer at the university.

In 2011, Paola spent 6 months in France, at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux where she developed an interest in contextual architecture which continues to inform her work.

Paola has been engaged in a variety of architectural environments, throughout her studies and during her professional career. From a large scale master plan competition in Argentina, to a smaller bespoke residential extension, she embraces challenges and is always exploring new avenues of design.

Paola is a conceptual designer who draws from the context of a project, realising a design using a holistic approach. Flexibility and adaptability, regardless of project scale, characterise her ideology and allow her to realise new and unconventional ideas.


STAC Architecture Ltd is  a company that is driven to produce site specific design with an environmental consciousness at heart.

The 2 founding partners have collective experience in Residential, Retail, Office and Public Projects that range in size from £100,000 to over £5,000,000.  Irrespective of size however, they pride themselves in their unwavering attention to detail.  No matter whether they are commissioned to design a new table for a restaurant or a new restaurant within a larger building they have designed – every project receives the utmost attention and the result is a successful design at every scale.

We aim to produce projects that are shaped by the clients needs, environmental concerns and the context of which they are a part.  The end product is therefore a synthesis of the clients personality, the conceptual approach and the close collaboration with consultants and contractors to produce a functional work of art that harmonises with its natural environment.

We constantly remind ourselves that excellence in design is the result of finding the simplest, purest answer to the problem at hand.  Each project, irrespective of size, results in innovative solutions that are beautifully realised with timeless simplicity and elegance.